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Contoh Surat Lamaran Kerja 15 Februari 2012

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Anton Sukoco

Gunungan 01/08, Malangan, Bulu 57563, Sukoharjo


PT. Unilever  Indonesia Tbk.

Jl.  Ir. Soekarno, 45. Jakarta PO BOX JKT 10000

24th Desember 2011

Dear  Sir/Madam

I am Anton Sukoco. I am interesting with security guard in PT  Unilever Indonesia Tbk, so I apply that position.

I have good body, skill full, diligent, work hard, dicipline. I graduated from vocational school with the skills as an IT. I mastered a lot about computers. I can fix a broken computer.

I know PT. Unilever Indonesia from my friend who told me that there are jobs there. So I applied for a job. I’m ready for the interview, wherever and whenever. My phone number 08769365487. Thank you’ve read something about my cover letter and ask for the consider.


Anton Sukoco

Enclosure :

1. Curriculum Vitae

2. Certificates of School.

3. Certificates of training.

4. Copy of Personal Identity.


6. 4 Photos (3 x 4)


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